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Figuring a Protective Granite Backsplash

Granite backsplash – A granite backsplash can add nice to your kitchen decor. The area of the rear wall, the wall between the top and the bottom of the cabinets, serves both utilitarian and decorative purposes. When you cover this area of the wall with a surface that repels liquids and resist stains, you can keep your kitchen clean. Often, a granite countertop continues until the wall as a backsplash. Calculate a granite backsplash to determine the cost of covering the area of the wall.

Amazing Granite Backsplash

Amazing Granite Backsplash

Measure the length in inches of a continuous wall section. For example, measure above the countertop between the refrigerator and an inside corner of the kitchen. Record the measurement. Measure the height in inches of the wall between the top of the counter to the point where you want the granite backsplash to finish on the wall. Often, the back wall extends to the bottom of the cabinets. Record the measurement.

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Image of: Amazing Granite Backsplash

Figuring a protective granite backsplash, multiply the length by the height to find the area of the section of the rear wall. Divide the square centimeters by 144 to find the square footage of the section. Repeat steps 1 through 4 for each separate section of wall space. Add up the total square meters separated together to reach a backsplash Total square footage of your kitchen.

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